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Earthquake February 6, 2023 Türkiye!

On the early hours of February 6, 2023, Türkiye was rocked by a devastating earthquake of magnitude 7.8, shaking the earth and breaking hearts. The serene life in cities like Kahramanmaraş and its surroundings was suddenly disrupted by a force that laid waste to homes, dreams, and families. The earthquake,…

Check my 2024 website!

In the world of web development, I have been active for many years, engaged in building and shaping online platforms. This creative process serves as an outlet for my thoughts and a means to express my creativity. Recently, I revamped my website where I share my passions and activities. On…

Çağla’s fight against SMA Type 2

Please pay attention to the following, and kindly share. This is about the daughter of a hardworking entrepreneur from Kuşadası with whom we have a good connection… Join and ensure Çağla Deniz Tunç is smiling! Born on December 27, 2016, in Izmir, Çağla was diagnosed with SMA type 2 at…

Maintenance of AKUT helmets

As a former Dutch emergency responder (National Police Unit The Hague), I unfortunately had to end my profession due to medical circumstances. However, my dedication to helping others remained unwavering. Today, I am devoted to AKUT, specifically in the logistics department. AKUT, a Turkish volunteer organization specializing in disaster research…