Maintenance of AKUT helmets

As a former Dutch emergency responder (National Police Unit The Hague), I unfortunately had to end my profession due to medical circumstances. However, my dedication to helping others remained unwavering. Today, I am devoted to AKUT, specifically in the logistics department. AKUT, a Turkish volunteer organization specializing in disaster research and intervention.

My involvement in the logistics department includes various tasks, such as today’s activity of affixing reflective stickers to helmets. My role at AKUT provides me with the opportunity to continue my calling as a helper, albeit in a different capacity. Alongside my fellow AKUT volunteers, we share a common mission: “providing assistance when it is needed the most.” In my transition from direct emergency response to logistical support, I have learned that our contributions, no matter how small, can make a difference in crises.

My journey with AKUT is an ongoing exploration, and I am determined to share my experiences to inspire others to join organizations committed to emergency aid and disaster management. As I have come to realize, once a helper, always a helper, even in this for me, new role.

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