Well tell me, how do
you spend the day?

I love scuba diving

Probably my worst day diving
is your best day at the office!


Earthquake February 6, 2023 Türkiye!

On the early hours of February 6, 2023, Türkiye was rocked by a devastating earthquake of magnitude 7.8, shaking the earth and breaking hearts. The serene life in cities like Kahramanmaraş and its surroundings was suddenly disrupted by a force that laid waste to homes, dreams, and families. The earthquake,…

Check my 2024 website!

In the world of web development, I have been active for many years, engaged in building and shaping online platforms. This creative process serves as an outlet for my thoughts and a means to express my creativity. Recently, I revamped my website where I share my passions and activities. On…

Çağla’s fight against SMA Type 2

Please pay attention to the following, and kindly share. This is about the daughter of a hardworking entrepreneur from Kuşadası with whom we have a good connection… Join and ensure Çağla Deniz Tunç is smiling! Born on December 27, 2016, in Izmir, Çağla was diagnosed with SMA type 2 at…

Double Dutch Divers

This is a brand name that I adopted together with my wife so that we are easily recognizable in the diving world. We also make diving videos under that name and promote partners and diving facilities with which we have had good experiences!

All Stars Diving

I’m the founder of this foundation, with which we aim to support (former) professional first responders who have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or who have suffered similar psychological complaints and/or physical limitations during their efforts for the benefit of society.

NoMads Scuba Academy

Because diving also gives me peace of mind and I would like to have an activity with which I maintain direct social contact and do not become socially isolated, I teach at this diving school on a voluntary basis in the summer months in Kuşadası (Türkiye)!